Written Language and Literacy, Vol. 21, No. 1 (2018)


Subtitle: Special Issue: Understanding Writing SystemsMain Text:

2018. v, 145 pp.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Understanding writing systems
Merijn Beeksma and Martin Neef
Pages 1–2


From phonemic spelling to distinctive spelling
Geoffrey Sampson
Pages 3–25

Core syllables vs. moraic writing
Eugene Buckley
Pages 26–51

What is natural in writing?: Prolegomena to a Natural Grapholinguistics
Dimitrios Meletis
Pages 52–88

Optimal spaces and hyphens: A constraint-based analysis of compound word formation
Vilma Symanczyk Joppe
Pages 89–110

Orthographic principles in computer-mediated communication: The SUPER-functions of textisms and their interaction with age and medium
Lieke Verheijen
Pages 111-145


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