CfP Workshop on Ideas on Language Throughout the Ages – LTA 2019 (Universidade de Lisboa, 12 settembre 2019) – scadenza per l’invio delle proposte: 15 aprile 2019

LTA 2019

Workshop on Ideas on Language Throughout the Ages
Date: September 12th, 2019
Location: University of Lisbon, Portugal
Satellite event following Protolang 6

Call for Abstracts

We welcome scholars to participate in a one-day workshop on how language has been defined and approached differentially throughout history within philosophical, linguistic, psychological, and socio-anthropological schools of thought. Possible topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Origins and rationale of logic and semantics as areas of research
  • Origins, histories, and methodologies of philology, diachronic and synchronic linguistics, Chomsky’s linguistics, biolinguistics and cognitive linguistics
  • Origins, histories, and methodologies of anthropological linguistics and sociolinguistics
  • The role of language in different cosmologies, religions and ideologies
  • Language as order, knowledge and reason (logos theories, universalia debates, rationalism)
  • The social and political role of language as debated by social contract theoreticians and moral philosophers
  • The search for an “Adamic” language or the reconstruction of a “mother language,” “primordial”- or “proto”-language
  • Ideas on the “purification” of existing languages for purposes of knowledge acquisition or communication
  • Language versus communication
  • The reference problem & the indeterminacy of translation
  • Language as the limit of one’s world
  • Language games, language as power, language as identity and nationality
  • Signs and codes as defined in (bio)semiotics and their relation to concepts of information, communication and language
  • Evolutionary epistemology and language
  • Language and consciousness, language and cognition
  • Embodiment and language
  • Body language
  • Language as culture
  • Language and art
General information

The workshop is organized by Marta Facoetti & Nathalie Gontier. The workshop will be organized as a satellite event following the Protolang 6 conference.


The registration fee will be set at 75 euro and includes free access to Protolang 6 when not presenting at that conference. When also presenting at Protolang 6 the regular fees for that conference apply, but then participation to this workshop is free.

Submit your abstract by April 15th, 2019

Expressions of interest, questions, and 150 word long abstracts containing author/s details, email/s and full affiliation/s can be sent to Marta Facoetti.


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