Studies in Second Language Acquisition 41(1)

Date: 09-Apr-2019
From: Lucy Ridgway <>
Subject: Studies in Second Language Acquisition Vol. 41, No. 1 (2019)
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Studies in Second Language Acquisition
Volume Number: 41
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2019

Main Text:

A word from the editor
Susan Gass

Dominance, proficiency, and Spanish heritage speakers’ production of English and Spanish vowels
Christine Shea

Influence of the native language on sensitivity to lexical stress: evidence from native Arabic and Hebrew speakers
Osnat Segal, Liat Kishon-Rabin

The role of acoustic cues and listener proficiency in the perception of accent in nonnative sounds
Nikola Eger, Eva Reinisch

Aptitude, experience, and second language pronunciation profiiency development in classword setting: a longitudinal study
Kazuya Saito, Yui Suzukida, Hui Sun

Does having good articulatory skills lead to more fluent speech in first and second languages?
Nivja Jong, Joan Mora

The Albert Valdman Award

Observing and producing pitch gestures facilitates the learning of Mandarin tones and words
Florence Baills, Nerea Suárez-González, Santiago González-Fuente, Pilar Prieto

Observing pitch gestures favors the learning of Spanish intonation by Mandarin speakers
Chenjie Yuan, Santiago González-Fuente, Florence Baills, Pilar Prieto

Advanced second language learners’ perception of lexical tone contrasts
Eric Pelzl, Ellen Lau, Taomei Guo, Robert DeKeyser

Learning direction matters: a study on L2 rhythm acquisition by Dutch learners of Spanish and Spanish learners of Dutch
Lieke Maastricht, Emiel Krahmer, Marc Swerts, Pilar Prieto

SLA volume 41 issue 1 Cover and Back matter

SLA volume 41 issue 1 Cover and Front matter


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