Workshop “Digital tools, translation software and academic integrity in language teaching” (York, 10 dicembre 2019)

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Alison Organ, Senior Lecturer, York St. John University

Stephen Gow, Academic Integrity Coordintor, University of York

Tuesday, 10 December 2019, 1-3pm

V/C/026&027, Vanbrugh C-Block, University of York


Alison Organ: Blissful ignorance? Or turning a blind eye? Language departments’ attitudes to student use of Google Translate. Do you know whether your students use Google Translate for assignments? Do you assume that they do, or that they don’t? What should university language departments do about this uncertainty? Alison Organ will present the findings of a research project involving student and staff attitudes to student use of Free Online Machine Translation tools, and explore options for language departments in the light of this research.

Stephen Gow: Rethinking assessment, language learning and academic integrity in the age of digital tools and contract cheating. The internet, with its vast array of resources and digital tools (e.g. auto-paraphrase, translation software), has significant implications for language learning, traditional assessment and authorship. Furthermore, growing global competition in Higher Education has lead to a burgeoning industry in essay writers for hire. A drastic rethink of assessment may be necessary, however we must avoid a knee jerk reaction which may place staff and students in an adversarial position. This session will provide a foundation for thinking constructively about how to address these issues.

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