Workshop “Embodied Interculturality in the Language Class” (London, 16 marzo 2020)

Donata Puntil, King’s College London

Monday, 16 March 2020, 2-4pm

V/N/123, Vanbrugh College Nucleus, University of York

Languages are learned, acquired, but above all, they are ‘lived’ (Pennycook, 2017). In Second Language Acquisition theory and practice, it is more and more recognized that language learning is not only linked to cognitive, social and linguistic skills, but that it is an activity very much grounded in our daily practices, in our bodies, places and in objects surrounding us and in our relationship to cultural practices. Our language learning trajectory is made up of linguistics and non-linguistics repertoires that we carry with us and that enable us to interact in linguistic and embodied cultural interchanges. This talk will focus on how to make sense of our language and culture identities and on how to support our students in navigating through their language learning journey.

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