International Conference on New Issues in Language Contact Studies (online, 27-29 maggio 2021)


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Thursday 27.5.2021
9:00-9:30Official greetings & Conference opening
9:30-10:30Silvia Dal Negro: Sociolinguistic Typology and Language Contact
10:30-11:00Jeroen Darquennes & Wim Vandenbussche: Assessing new perspectives on language contact and the individual: terminological inflation or genuine progress?
Coffee break
11:30-12:00Clara Cuonzo: Language contact and expressives in Italian
12:00-12:30Bhim Lal Gautam & Samjhana Thapa: Language contact in Kathmandu: A study on language use and attitude
12:30-13:00Zakharia Pourtskhvanidze, Marine Beridze & Lia Bakuradze: Aspects of identity formation in the context of the language island – Case Fereydany Georgian
14:30-15:30Claudia Maria Riehl: Language Contact and Language Attrition
15:30-16:00Michał B. Paradowski & Marta Gawinkowska: Two languages = two emotional worlds or two sets of social norms? Moving beyond the Emotion-Related Language Choice theory
Coffee break
16:30-17:00Luca Iezzi: Contact Phenomena within Refugee Centres in Italy
17:00-17:30Simone Barco: Dialect contact in a border area: the birth of a new-dialect in Puglia
17:30-18:00Marie-Eve Bouchard: Forro in the European diaspora: When the need of a secret code favors the maintenance of a language
18:00-18:30Stefanie Schröter: Focus and word order in Caucasian Urum
18:30Tribute to Pieter Muysken
Friday 28.5.20219:00-10:00Stefan Rabanus: Sounds, words and sentence structure in language contact: trying to get the complete picture for endangered minority languages
10:00-10:30Dimitra Melissaropoulou: Variation and change in comparative constructions as a conspiracy of language internal and language external factors: evidence from Cappadocian Greek
10:30-11:00Inês Duarte, Feliciano Chimbutane, Rita Gonçalves, Tjerk Hagemeijer & Afonso Miguel: Possessor datives in contact – a case-study of African varieties of Portuguese
Coffee Break
11:30-12:00Ilaria Fiorentini & Ruth Videsott: Language contact in online settings. The case of Dolomitic Ladin
12:00-12:30Aneta Bučková: Describing syntactic pattern replications: a usage based approach for Czech and German
12:30-13:00Carolin Centner: Investigating German-Polish contact-induced language change through the lens of Construction Grammar
14:30-15:00Vlada Baranova: Contact-induced changes in Kalmyk and in local Russian
15:00-15:30Martin Kohlberger: Exploring historical contact in northwest Amazonia through lexical and morphological evidence
15:30-16:00Tonjes Veenstra: Rich Agreement in creoles and register-sensitivity
Coffee Break
16:30-17:30POSTERSESSION with final discussion Alessandra Dezi: Speech play with code-mixing as a means of identity shaping in the internet discourse of Russian speakers living in Italy Nour Efrat-Kowalsky: Language contact in the Ancient Near East Pingping Jia: Variation of tone categories in Yu Dialect: Analysis of the internal and external motivations of variation for a Chinese dialect Elena Simonato & Svetlana Kokoshkina: Swiss French community on the Black sea coast: Several generations of language contact
17:30-18:30Tania Kuteva: European Borders: Political and Linguistic
Saturday 29.5.20219:00-9:30
9:30-10:00Éva Katona: Spontaneous occurrence of non-Russian lexical elements in the speech of Estonia’s Russians
10:00-10:30Wilkinson Daniel Wong Gonzales: Innovations in a stigmatized language: The case of wh-fronting production and acceptability in Philippine Hybrid Hokkien
Coffee Break
11:00-11:30Mara Marsella & Laura Tramutoli: The copula system in Palenquero. An overview on stative predicates
11:30-12:30Chiara Truppi: Upper Guinea Creoles and their common ancestor: Reconstructing the proto-creole
12:30Closing discussion & virtual  tour through the Old Town of L’Aquila

* 60-min.-presentations include 15 min. for discussion, 30-min.-presentations include 10 min. for discussion, posters will be given 10 min. presentation time each, plus 20 min. for overall discussion



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